Your representative is under intense pressure to roll back cuts in the Pentagon budget that Congress agreed to last year.  Will you help us preserve these cuts, which total nearly $1 trillion over the next decade? Your members of Congress are hearing an earful from Pentagon officials every day, and military contractors are spending millions to make sure these cuts don’t happen. Your representative needs to hear from you.

These cuts–which Congress agreed to as a way of reducing the deficit–are a first step toward moving our country away from a foreign policy based on fighting wars. They will also help reduce the deficit while assuring that additional cuts aren’t made to vital human services.

Please contact your members of Congress today and tell them you support cutting the Pentagon budget by $1 trillion over 10 years.

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One thought on “MILITARY SPENDING: Pentagon contractors are organizing; are you?

  1. We would want to know – how many of these corporate contractors do business with America’s future adversaries as well as our unreliable Pentagon ! A defense department unable to control even major weapons secrets – through continual losses of information-loaded lap-top computers ! and now busting the budget of american citizens – by giving away our nation’s technology through these multi-national corporate for-profit sell-outs ! Who aided by HOMELAND SECURITY seem to crush any principled opposition !

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