The latest edition of Pax Christi USA’s newsletter, The Peace Current, is now online. Stories in this issue include:

  • letter to members from our new Executive Director
  • article on the Vatican statement on economics
  • article on Occupy Wall Street and Catholic social teaching
  • updates from around the nation
  • a reflection for New Year’s Day
  • and more!

Click here to read a PDF of the latest issue.

One thought on “NEWS: Pax Christi USA newsletter for December 2011-January 2012 now online

  1. The trouble is ultimately reduced to this – that even when the world’s resources are equally divvied – up …there will still be too little to meet man’s greed for more and more replicas of himself ( children ) who will continue to in their unquenchable greed to devour every other created being ( animal – fish – bird ) until not another blessed thing is left alive, including at the final end – not even a tree nor a green plant ! Is this for real – maybe, maybe not ! Frank A. Novello V+J

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