From the Fellowship of Reconciliation

Members of the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó living in the village of La Esperanza — one of 11 villages that make up the community — have received increased paramilitary threats in recent weeks. We need your help to ensure peace for La Esperanza.

Send the letter below to the U.S. Ambassador to Colombia, Michael McKinley, urging him to call the XVII Brigade and ensure that the Colombian government is doing everything in its power to protect the peace community members as well as civilians in the region.

Click here to send a letter today.

One thought on “TAKE ACTION: Protect peace communities in Colombia

  1. We need Simon Bolivar to return – in order to put to flight the Goonie Death Squads which afflict so many LATIN INDIGENOUS PEOPLE ! Empowered through U.S.A. Government & Military & Business Big-Whigs ! ….

    Che probably upset Fidel 7 Raul as much as The C.I.A. …

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