by Ted Coine, Sustainable Business Forum

A worker with the CIWIn my last Sustainable Leadership post, I shared a bit about the struggle between migrant tomato pickers, represented by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), and two companies: Trader Joe’s and Publix Supermarkets. Both of these companies are, to various extents, beloved brands that have cultivated reputations as highly ethical.

…Which would make one think that, when asked to pay just one penny more per pound for tomatoes, a penny that will be passed directly on to the pickers, these companies would be happy to do it. Imagine the public relations coup such a decision would bring: “Trader Joe’s and Publix Both Eager To Do The Right Thing” the headline might read.  Instead, the headline as it stands is closer to: “What Are Trader Joe’s And Publix Thinking?”

What indeed? Let’s take a step back from the press releases of both sides so we can lay bare the facts.

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