Icon of the churchwomen martyred in El Salvador
© “Four Church Women”, by Lewis Williams, SFO, Courtesy of Trinity Stores, http://www.trinitystores.com, 800.699.4482.

Today we mark the 31st anniversary of the deaths of four U.S. churchwomen, Dorothy Kazel, Maura Clarke, Ita Ford and Jean Donovan, who were brutally murdered in El Salvador in 1980. We remember them and we honor their witness.

Ita Ford wrote about her experience in El Salvador: “Am I willing to suffer with the people here, the suffering of the powerless? Can I say to my neighbors, ‘I have no solutions to this situation; I don’t know the answers, but I will walk with you, search with you, be with you.’ Can I let myself be evangelized by this opportunity? Can I look at and accept my own poorness as I learn it from the poor ones?”

Click here for a packet of information, marking the anniversary (developed last year by SHARE-El Salvador for the 30th anniversary).

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