By Amy Watts and Manuel Padilla

Lights! Camera! (Peace in) Action! Pax Christi USA releases new film, Cite Soleil: Sun, Dust and Hope.

We are very proud to inform you of the official release of our film production, Cite Soleil: Sun, Dust, and Hope. The DVD is now available for purchase on our website by clicking here. Below is a short preview of the film which we hope will give you a taste of the incredible circumstances Haiti finds itself in and how Pax Christi Port-au-Prince is responding in creative and unexpected ways.    

Cite Soleil: Sun, Dust, and Hope tells a story about “SAKALA,” a peace education program started in 2007 by Pax Christi Port-au-Prince. It is a story of optimism and faith in the face of extreme poverty and hardship–a story of a program that challenges the way we see Haiti and Haitians see themselves. This 22 minute video, compiled from footage taken when Pax Christi USA staff visited the program in 2011, is a great way to connect to our Pax Christi brothers and sisters in Haiti who are promoting active nonviolence in one of the most marginalized neighborhoods in the Western hemisphere. 

Click here to order the DVD, Cite Soleil: Sun, Dust and Hope! 

We hope you will consider showing this educational and promotional video at an upcoming Pax Christi meeting, parish event, or community gathering! It is sure to inspire discussions about Haiti, peace education, international development methodologies, solidarity, and the needs in our own neighborhoods. We would be very grateful if your Pax Christi group, parish, or community would take the time, after viewing the film, to discern if this is a program that you would like to help fund. Proceeds will go to support the collaborative work between Pax Christi Port-au-Prince and Pax Christi USA. To learn more about this collaboration, please visit our website’s SAKALA section by clicking here

We also hope that you’ll post the link to the YouTube preview of the video on your Facebook page,

We think this film will inspire you as much as it has inspired those of us in the national office.  Email Manuel at or Amy at with your ideas for getting the video into the hands of more people! Thank you for your continued support of this collaboration between Pax Christi USA and Pax Christi Port-au-Prince as we work together to expand capacities for peace in Cite Soleil, Haiti, and beyond.

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