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For many years, an ongoing internal conflict has occurred in the Philippines. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has been waging a battle against the Philippines government to gain local autonomy. In the midst of all this, however, pursuits of peaceful solutions and peace talks between the two groups became the norm. Yet MILF has increased their attacks in recent weeks, resulting in the deaths of 20 Philippine soldiers and renewed calls for all-out war from within the government.

Before this new round of violence erupted, a campaign began calling for an end to the ongoing war. The goal is to bring together local and international voices to reassure both sides and find a peaceful solution to the conflict. Pax Christi International is joining the International Dialogue in calling for “One Million Voices for Peace.”

We ask that all our members please visit the campaign website,, and add their name to the petition rejecting the use of force and calling for continued peaceful negotiations. Members can also contribute to the cause by “liking” the campaign on Facebook, subscribing to the OMV4P Youtube channel, and following the campaign on Twitter (all links are on the website).

One thought on “PHILIPPINES: One million voices for peace

  1. Philippines – home to beautiful women & good men ! Surely such as these deserve Peace and Peaceful Internal Relations ! So as Spain learned – To persecute the Basque has done very little to solve the issues surrounding a proud people’s desire to rule themselves ! What has worked, however is building mutual respect and good faith trust ! Between religions or ethnicities or political & social groups – working together for common cause always helps ! Here the greater prosperity of the Philippines – should be the Common Goal ! ………Frank & Kissy ( a cockatiel – parrot )

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