by Kathy O’Leary, Pax Christi New Jersey

Pax Christi NJ is working with a coalition of groups in NJ that is fighting against the expansion of immigration detention in the Essex County Jail and a neighboring for-profit facility run by a politically connected company called Community Education Centers (CEC).

Please help us by forwarding a link to this petition to your lists, particularly to anyone you know in NJ:

So far we have 1000 signatures but we need to keep the pressure on county officials and on ICE.

At the end of this month ICE will be closing down the Elizabeth Detention Center, a facility we have protested against for 14 years (Yay!), but unfortunately they will be moving everyone to a jail that blocks access to clergy and lawyers and has been accused of human rights abuses.  To make matters worse they will be providing outdoor recreation in an area that is surrounded by toxic waste sites and active polluters where air quality is a constant concern.

The deal to expand immigration detention in Essex County has been the subject of numerous newspaper articles including a front page story in the NY Times. You can read the times article here:

Here is more information on how people can get involved:

  1. Sign the petition,
  2. Forward the petition to your friends and family
  3. Attend an upcoming Essex County Freeholder meeting in person and ask them to explain their vote:
  4. Attend the protest rally and march in Newark on October 9, Redefining Cruel & Unusual Indefinite Immigration Detention for-Profit Amid Toxic Waste in Essex County, beginning at 1:30 pm at Peter Francisco Park Newark, NJ (right outside Newark Penn Station). Marching to and from: Essex County Correctional Facility; Delaney Hall 356 Doremus Ave, Newark, NJ:!/event.php?eid=236419679741397

Thank you in advance for your help.

2 thoughts on “REGIONAL ACTION: Stop immigration detention expansion in New Jersey

  1. I support illegal immigration detention and deportation everywhere in the US in all states and counties and villages and cities. Illegal immigration brings with it illegal drugs,sex slavery,violent crimes and loss of jobs for veterans and citizens and legal immigrants and allows sleazy businesses to evade paying taxes,social security,medicare and healthcare and puts a drain on hospitals,and schools and village and city and county and state budgets.

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