From Tom Andrews, President, Save Darfur Coalition

The following video was recommended to us by our friends at the Save Darfur coalition. Their message is below the video.

Sudan’s president Omar al-Bashir is slaughtering people in South Kordofan and doing everything he can to keep the outside world from finding out. So far, his strategy is working. Why? Because the U.S. government and the United Nations are quite literally choosing to ignore his brutal attacks.

report released yesterday by our friends at Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International related this disturbing news: “The relentless bombing campaign is killing and maiming civilian men, women, and children, displacing tens of thousands, putting them in desperate need of aid.”

We can’t let history repeat itself and wait until the government, the media, or the international community decide it’s time to intervene. By that time thousands more will be dead or displaced. It’s time to sound the alarm: Watch the video, read the report and share this with everyone you know on Facebook and Twitter.

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