American and Afghan slavery will soon be signed
a statement issued by the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers

“The world doesn’t have to choose between the Taliban and the U.S. government. All the beauty of the world—literature, music, art—lies between these two fundamentalist poles.” from War Is Peace, by Arundhati Roy, October 18, 2001

We need clarity

The Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers reject the U.S.-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Declaration.

We reject such declarations made by politicians who do not know us, nor care for us.

We want the freedom to solve our own problems…

We need to ask questions

Our leaders, the Afghan and American elite, don’t want us to be concerned about the U.S.-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Declaration. They want us to be appropriately upset by news of suicide bombings and I.E.D.s, and sufficiently curious about the Taliban, the 2014 drawdown, and peace.

What’s more, the ‘debt crisis doom’ will not allow us to look at the big picture, which is the consistent abuse of the people’s interests by global governments determined to maintain the status quo of Power-and-Wealth-dictated inequalities.

Yet, the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers are committed to recovering their values. This is difficult because such values have been de-humanized, as we ourselves have become disconnected from other human beings and distracted by material OBJECTS. This happens to us and it happens more so to ordinary Americans who face even greater distractions and may not want to bother with this ‘agreement.’ After all, Americans have enough troubles of their own.

Or can we expect her citizens to break out of their cold, lonely bubbles?

We need an urgent global debate about this.

The U.S.-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Declaration will perpetuate ‘terrorism’ and bring it to everyone’s doorsteps…

To read the entire statement and learn more about the U.S.-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Declaration, click here.

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