From Save Darfur

Over the last couple of months in Sudan, violence in the border state of South Kordofan has escalated to levels we haven’t seen in years. Civilians have been targeted and according to sources on the ground, over 150,000 have already been forced from their homes.

The Chairs of the Sudan Caucus in the House of Representatives are currently circulating a letter calling on President Obama to become more personally involved in the situation in South Kordofan. Through the letter and the president’s subsequent engagement they hope to raise the profile of the issue.

Your members can help bring attention to violence in South Kordofan by asking their representatives to sign the letter to President Obama. Activists can find their representive here and we recommend that they contact their representative by Wednesday, August 3 at 12:00 noon (ET) or sooner.

Please be in touch with any questions and feel free to forward this email or ask us for draft language. Thank you for your continued commitment to Sudan.

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