from Pax Christi International

Pax Christi International hosted a seminar and a workshop on the role of civil society organizations in eliminating human trafficking from 26th to 29th  of June 2011 in Panama City. Several organizations participated in these four days of discussions; among of them were several member organizations and partners of Pax Christi International, which include Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador, Panama and Peru.

The event’s goal was to reflect on the humane perspective of human trafficking and on the dignity of its victims. There was also an emphasis on the advocacy work of civil society organizations at the national and international level. This event laid out the foundation for a global and transversal analysis, in which participants discussed the multi-causality of human trafficking, its intrinsic relation to migration and national security, and the implementation of national and international mechanisms for prevention, protection and assistance to the victims.

The report of this workshop is available in Spanish (original) in Ref. 2011-0346-sp-am-HR, in English Ref. 2011-0346-en-am-HR and French Ref.2011-0346-fr-am-HR.

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