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The Co-Presidency of Pax Christi International has addressed a letter to Father Fausto Milla, a member of the Truth Commission in Honduras, a human rights defender and promoter of justice and peace for the people of Honduras. In that letter, the movement recognizes the important work done by Father Fausto and expresses its concern at the continuing threats against his person and his team. In this regard, as the Catholic Peace Movement, the International Secretariat and the Co-Presidency call upon the Honduran government to provide all security guarantees to peace defenders working in this country, as well as the international community to continue monitoring the situation of human rights in this country.

3 thoughts on “PAX CHRISTI INTERNATIONAL: Public letter in solidarity with Father Fausto Milla, defender of life in Honduras

  1. Many thanks to Pax Christi International and Pax Christi USA for their solidarity with Monseñor Luis Alfonso Santos of the diocese of Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras, and Padre Fausto Milla. To be on the side of the poor in Honduras is risky!

  2. To be on the side of the poor in Honduras requires the United States government to reverse its position and publicly apologize to the people of the Nation of Honduras. JIM Radcliffe, Sr

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