From the Pax Christi USA Global Restoration Committee


Creator God,
we are humus:
what we’ve been from time’s beginning
has roots in Earth

whose beauty informs
the best of who we are, how we live,
what we can do.

Each creature unique in community
like myriad snowflakes in a winter storm.
We must know

of our power
that can heal or hurt, preserve or despoil:
we are responsible.
Increase our awareness, lead us to life.


Food and Water Watch is planting seeds for the 2012 Farm Bill.  It’s a good time to familiarize ourselves about the 15 issues in the Bill and how we can begin to advocate forenvironmental justice and care for creation within the legislative process.  Please go to to become educated about this upcoming bill that will, for better or worse, become policy for five years following its passage.


From Food and Water Watch:

You can help build the momentum for fair food by taking the first step. Sign the Fair Farm Bill Vision:

Here’s our vision for the next Farm Bill:

  1. Level the playing fields for all farmers, so that huge multinational corporations and mega-factory farms don’t control our food system;
  2. Create food system infrastructure that will support new markets for farmers and eaters in every part of the country to make sure that everyone has access to healthy, safe, affordable and sustainably-produced food;
  3. Protect and build upon the progress we made in the last Farm Bill that promotes sustainable agriculture, local food systems and fair contracts for farmers.

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