NOTE: This conference has been postponed until May 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Pax Christi International (PCI) will be holding its world gathering in Hiroshima, Japan, May 18-22, 2020 to mark its 75th anniversary as an organization, which is also the 75th anniversary of when the U.S. dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Some may say this is coincidence, but as people of faith we know we are promised resurrection and God transforms death into life. Therefore, the PCI 2020 world gathering is titled, “Remember, Rise: The Promise of Peace” and is dedicated to hearing the stories of the Hibakusha, the survivors of the atomic bombings.

Registration and Details

The gathering will take place May 18-22, 2020 and has limited space. If you are interested in going, please register ASAP and no later than November 15, 2019.

Also check out PCI’s invitation to the gathering, program for the gathering, travel tips for getting to Hiroshima, and hotel recommendations.

How Pax Christi USA Will Support You

• Connect you to other U.S. attendees if you wish to experience the world gathering and/or the journey to Japan together
• Offer travel tips from PCUSA members who have been to Hiroshima before, such as Sr. Jean Fallon, Fr. Bob Cushing and Nick Mele
• Coordinate gatherings in Hiroshima for you and other U.S. attendees including one prior to the start of the world gathering
• Connect you with folks if you wish to do post conference travel in Japan

The number of spots at the conference is very limited and registration ends November 15 so please register now.

More Travel Tips

Soon, we will connect you to U.S. attendees so you can communicate with each other.

The five hotels suggested by PCI are close to the Hiroshima Peace Park but are a public transit ride away from the world gathering location indicated in the program. We suggest you research hotels you are comfortable with  and communicate with fellow travelers from the U.S. (once we put you in touch) if you wish to stay at the same place.

Fr. Bob Cushing is also looking at a post conference trip to Nagasaki and would be glad to have a limited number of gathering attendees join him.  If you are interested, please contact Fr. Bob at

You can send any questions about the PCI world gathering to Bob Cooke at

Questions about travel? Contact veteran Japan travelers:

Sr. Jean Fallon – New York,
Nicholas Mele – Washington,
Fr. Bob Cushing – Georgia,

Look forward to seeing you there!