marching for peacePax Christi USA has an extensive electronic network–incorporating a free email service, social media, this website, and more–offering you the opportunity to act on the issues that are most important to you, keep up on the latest news, and find out about events, resources and other items of interest for your work in peace and justice. We offer:


Pax Christi USA’s free email service allows you to choose to receive all of the emails which are important to you. Subscribe and receive everything we send out directly to your email inbox or choose from the categories below to receive only the emails which are of the most interest to you personally.

To receive everything, click the box at the bottom of this page which reads “Click here to sign up and join our email network,” enter your email address, then simply check the first box, “Pax Christi USA’s Free Email Service.” You will receive everything we send out over our free email service—Prayer-Study-Action (PSA) e-bulletins, seasonal reflections for Lent and Advent, the Monthly e-Update, and any special alerts. (The only emails you will not receive are “campaign-specific” emails. You must check that box to receive those emails.) Typically, you will receive 6-8 emails per month from us.

Or once you have clicked on the link at the bottom and entered your email address, check only the boxes which signify the emails you want to receive. These can include:

  • Prayer-Study-Action e-Bulletins (PSA’s), electronic resources for you and for your group to engage through prayer, study and action on the important issues of our time. On average, we send out 2-3 of these each month.
  • The Monthly e-Update, a once-a-month digest with quick links to items you may have missed, including still relevant PSA’s, recent news articles, important announcements, special alerts, and more. This is sent out on the first Monday of each month.
  • Seasonal Reflections for Advent and Lent, weekly (and holy day) reflections from Pax Christi authors, Ambassadors of Peace, Teachers of Peace, etc, usually incorporating the scripture readings of the day.
  • Special Alerts, which include important announcements on upcoming events, urgent action opportunities, brand new resources, and more. The number of these vary each month.
  • Campaign- or program-specific emails, emails geared toward specific campaigns or programs, like the “GReen Mail Advocacy network” (emails from the Global Restoration Committee).

We keep up to 100 of our most recent e-Bulletins, e-Updates, and Special Alerts archived for easy access.


You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. You can click on any of the logos on the right-hand side of this page, at the top of the sidebar to visit us on any of those social media sites.