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No guilty bystander: The extraordinary life of Bishop Thomas Gumbleton

 Author: Frank Fromherz and Suzanne Sattler IHM  Category: activism, Catholic Church, civil resistance, nonviolence, nuclear weapons  Publisher: Orbis Books  Published: June 15, 2023  ISBN: 9781626985230  Tags: Bishop Thomas GumbletonTom Gumbleton |  Download

Tom Gumbleton, retired Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit, has long served as an outstanding voice and witness for peace and justice in the Catholic Church. From his early opposition to the Vietnam war, his work on the bishops’ historic pastoral on nuclear weapons, to his peacemaking missions and solidarity with marginalized communities around the globe, and his promotion of reform and renewal in the church, he has offered a prophetic model of faithful discipleship.

Royalties on sales of No Guilty Bystander will go to the Kay Lasante Health Clinic in  Haiti.

Frank Fromherz, PhD, taught for many years at Portland State University. He directed the Office of Justice and Peace/Catholic Campaign for Human Development for the Archdiocese of Portland from 1990 to 2003. He is the author of A Disarming Spirit: The Life of Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen.

Suzanne Sattler, IHM, a resident of Detroit since 1968, ministered as a teacher and then as an attorney in the public policy areas of health care, aging, and environ-mental sustainability. She served in solidarity with the people of El Salvador for over 35 years.