Pax Christi Anti-Racism Team


Applications are now being accepted for the Pax Christi Anti-Racism Team through Nov 21, 2016. Turn in your completed application and resume to Kathy McGinnis,

The Pax Christi Anti-Racism Team (PCART) is a racially diverse group of people committed to the transformation of Pax Christi USA into an anti-racist, multicultural movement for peace and justice.

Trained by Crossroads Ministries, PCART provides workshops for Pax Christi regions and groups throughout the nation, helping the movement to develop a common analysis of racism in the effort of dismantling personal and systemic racism.

For more information on PCART, including how to schedule a workshop, contact the PCUSA national office at least three months prior to when you would like to have your event.

3 responses to “Pax Christi Anti-Racism Team

  1. Very good

  2. Please share, if you can, the current PCART members. I am interested in applying for membership in the work of PCART.

  3. Gustavo A. Nystrom

    Friends: PCART has been a wonderful group over the years. If I wasn’t over-committed, I would apply today.

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