PC Fairfield CountyWe invite you to consider starting or joining one of the hundreds of Pax Christi local communities of prayer, study and action that are exploring the transforming power of gospel nonviolence.

To obtain a free organizing toolkit for starting a local group, a group within your religious community, a campus group or high school chapter, and a list of Pax Christi USA members in your area, contact us at mford@paxchristiusa.org or 202-635-2741.


A Pax Christi community is a group of Pax Christi USA members who meet on a regular basis to pray, study and act for peace with justice. They embrace the Pax Christi USA statement of purpose and priorities. Examples of Pax Christi communities are: city-wide, parish-based, religious congregations, campus groups, and high school chapters.

All new groups receive a free organizing toolkit, which includes over a dozen resources. Group coordinators can sign up for Pax Christi USA’s email listserve designed for local organizers. Pax Christi groups are instrumental in new member recruitment and will be provided with contact information for current and new members in their area. All groups try to send at least one member every 3 years to the Pax Christi USA National Conference.


  • New group organizing toolkit with over a dozen free resources
  • The Peace Current, our hard-copy membership newsletter
  • Regular “Prayer-Study-Action e-Bulletins” (PSA’s), electronic resources for individuals and groups to engage through prayer, study and action on important issues
  • A once-a-month electronic digest with quick links to still relevant PSA’s, recent news articles, important announcements, and more
  • Electronic reflections for Advent and Lent
  • “Special Alerts,” important announcements on upcoming events, urgent action opportunities, brand new resources, and more
  • Email listserve for group coordinators
  • Discounted reflection booklets for Advent and Lent
  • An introductory process booklet for new groups (coming soon)
  • Discounts when purchasing bulk orders of most of Pax Christi USA’s resources
  • Access to national staff for consultation
  • Access to the Pax Christi USA Speakers Bureau and discounted rates for speakers
  • Use of Pax Christi as part of the name of your group
  • Discounted rates for Pax Christi USA events like the National Conference
  • A free copy of Pax Christi USA’s Handbook for Organizers (coming soon)
  • A free copy of Pax Christi USA’s Campus Organizing Manual (for college and high school groups)

For electronic resources for local groups, click here.

For more on our e-Network, click here.