Goal 2: Creating an inter-Pax Christi sustaining network for Pax Christi Port-au-Prince

SAKALA office

One crucial aspect in growing and sustaining the SAKALA project itself is increasing the quantity and quality of relationships built with the project.  On the U.S. side, Pax Christi USA will work to develop a network of members that seek to learn from, and contribute resources to, the efforts of our Haitian sister organization.  Much member interest has existed over the years and we look forward to more clearly identifying and coordinating this energy to establish a support base for this project through the national office.

Mailings, email action alerts, phone calls, and parish twinning connections known through Pax Christi USA will comprise part of the strategy for building this network.  There have also been many requests, by those interested in more information, for a link to a website for the SAKALA project.  At this time, there is no such site to direct people to.  The profile and visibility of the program is greatly diminished as a result.  Development of a website for any project is a fully conventional and integral aspect of the prosperity for that project.  Therefore, the creation of this resource will be an essential link in the chain for the further development of Pax Christi Port-au-Prince both in its program work and as an organization in general.  Pax Christi USA plans on working with our partners in Haiti to help realize this goal.

Peacemaker jerseys for the soccer playersPax Christi USA has already secured funding for the production of a short broadcast quality documentary of the project, which should be completed by August 2011.  This documentary will serve to highlight and promote their peace-making efforts in the highly unstable environments of Port-au-Prince, and Cite Soleil in specific.  The documentary includes footage of the children receiving the new peace-themed uniforms, made possible through the efforts of Pax Christi USA and PC Michigan, as well as footage of a game between the U-17 SAKALA team and the Haitian National Team in the National Stadium.  Quality visual promotion of the program will increase its profile and help attract interest and investment as well as challenge long-held stereotypes and misunderstandings of the district.

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  1. Joanna Lumley featured SAKALA in her travels in The Carribean. Hedoic project. God Bless the work.

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