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  • “Making a Life on a Tough New Planet” with Bill McKibben at Dominican University of California.  Other offerings on sustainability, environment, etc. are available at the same site.
  • Michael Forsberg, author and photographer speaks about the Great Plains at California Academy of Sciences, introduced by Martha Kauffman, Managing Director, World Wildlife Foundation—Great Plains.
  • Amy Standen from KQED FM sat down to talk with Cleo Paskal, author of Global Warring: How Environmental, Economic, and Political Crises Will Redraw the World Map.
  • “The Moral Math of Climate Change” with Bill McKibben on Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett:
  • Eating Animals author Jonathan Safran Foer speaks on his path to change as a result of research that shows that factory farming is the number one cause of Global Warming, with the UN listing it as the top 2nd or 3rd cause of all environmental problems, creating 51% of all greenhouse gases.