God created humanity to be anti-racist by calling us into a brother/sister relationship. We have the power to restore that biblical relationship by opposing racial oppression. Furthermore, U.S. history is filled with cases of resistance to racist oppression; likewise, the histories of the Catholic Church and Pax Christi USA reveal pockets of anti-racist commitment. Crossroads facilitator Joe Barndt states, “We do not walk alone, but on the shoulders of giants,” as we challenge racial oppression. Pax Christi USA understands that engaging in anti-racism work out of pity for people of color, out of a desire to make white members feel better, or in hopes of gaining a few more non-white members, will ultimately fail. Pax Christi USA recognizes the need for and believes in the power of a dedicated, deep anti-racist transformation—and how it benefits the entire movement on the individual and institutional levels.

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