Note from the Executive Director

Dear Friends and Supporters of Pax Christi USA,

It is in a spirit of accountability and transparency that I present to you our Annual Report 2016 assembled in collaboration with the national council and staff.

I offer you a transparent picture of the current state of our finances and the challenges that they present.  The numbers speak for themselves. I am pleased to share that once again Pax Christi USA had more income than expenses in 2016.  While I acknowledge that 2016 has been a productive year, it has also presented us with many competing claims.

You will see in these pages that PCUSA has tried to meet the challenges of a tight fiscal environment and increasing needs.  We have made every effort to make sure the organization is fiscally healthy:  Increasing the number of Sustainers (those who give monthly) to 127. I am sincerely asking that more of you consider becoming a Sustainer. In doing so this would moderately increase our revenue to cover our monthly expenses. PCUSA monthly expenses total $30,000.00.  The process to become a Sustainer is quite simple and guarantees the organization monthly income. Please contact the office to inquire.

Our efforts have increased the number of grants which we have received. Our staff continues to do amazing work while keeping spending to a bare minimum.
We need to maintain a steady source of revenue, so your continuing financial support is critical.

You well know that the need for peace with justice in the United States is more critical now than ever before.  Pax Christi USA needs to continue to exercise its prophetic role whenever the Gospel mandate is compromised and the principles upon which this country is founded are devalued.  All of God’s people deserve nothing less from us. It is with a grateful heart that I thank you for faithful support and prayers for PCUSA.

With gratitude and hope,

Sister Patricia J. Chappell, SNDdeN
Executive Director

Full 2016 Pax Christi USA Annual Report
Pax Christi USA 990

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