by Rachel Schmidt, Communications Coordinator

human guns

When will it end?
The fiery bullets penetrate skin
expose the blood so common and red
Ft. Myers, Orlando, Istanbul, Alton Sterling, Philando Castille,
Don’t forget Sandy Hook, Columbine, Syria, Paris, Trayvon Martin

Everyday there are more guns and more blood
I can’t get away from it
The walls start to drip dark crimson
The taste in my mouth is metal and salt
Tears no longer come
There is a spring in my stomach that tightens with every shot

No one ever learns
“People kill people, not guns”
Guns don’t have legs and brains
But when the cold metal hits the hand
And the finger hits the trigger
The gun grows a brain, a heart, and a life
It meets its purpose to destroy

The bodies pile
The rivers run red
Children and parents cry
No one listens
The guns continue to live

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