from Pax Christi International

PrintFaith-based organisations and religious communities worldwide are invited to join the Disarmament for Sustainable Development Campaign. The main aim of this initiative is to press for an end to the over-funding of military establishments and for the creation of new funds to tackle human insecurity and common threats to the planet. In addition, the campaign supports all efforts to limit or eliminate weapons that impact negatively on communities in conflict zones. We are approaching faith-based organisations to stimulate conversations and actions around this issue.

The world faces enormous challenges (environmental problems, migration flows, military conflicts, extreme poverty, regular economic crisis, etc.). Cooperation and solidarity among nations are urgently needed to confront them. Viewing the world today, the tragedies of military conflict and terrorism occur over and over again in many places. In addition to conflicts between nations and ethnic groups, now violence in the name of religion makes it increasingly seem as if throughout the world dialogue has become impossible.

In the face of such worldwide destructiveness, Pope Francis has expressed concern that some people seem to speak of a “Third World War” rather than making sure we do not repeat the mistakes of the past. The world faces the sorts of crises that cannot but cause people to wonder if force is the answer. What has become of respect for humanity? However, repeatedly answering violence with violence will only lead to destruction of the whole earth community…

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