9 thoughts on “REFLECTION: Truth-telling in the public square

    1. As Marie says, “Disengagement is not an option.” Nor can you pick out one issue and make it a “make or break” issue. Our country is too diverse, our world too complex. If we believe in freedom, equality, and the primacy of one’s conscience, then putting those together will result in the need to make compromises and concessions. I find it difficult to vote for a party that takes us into immoral wars, nor for a president who assassinates using drones, nor a party which condones and practices torture, nor for a party which seems to have no compassion, nor for a party which ignores the poor. You get my drift. Neither of these parties matches perfectly that which I hold sacred. But, for me sitting on the sidelines is not an option. So, how to decide? Take a long look at the history of these two parties. On which side of the fence do they stand? What is their overall direction in their political lives? Who do they truly represent? As demonstrated by their actions? Which party overall best represents my Christian values and principles?

      And then look inward. And listen and read and study. Our Bishops said the Ryan budget plan is immoral. Did you listen to Sister Simmone at the Democratic convention? Have you read Economic Justice for All, the Pastoral Letter on Catholic Social Teaching and the US Economy?

      It seems to me that if you take your line of thinking further you will find yourself unable to vote for anyone. And that would be giving me two votes, mine and the one you don’t cast.

      Talk it up in Church. See you at the Voting Center.


  1. Please share what you learn as you read, review, digest and ultimately comes to terms with your own truth! Thank you for a wonderful reflection.

  2. Thanks, Marie. It’s a good thing for me to do, too. I too have my leanings, but I do think it’s good to start fresh with the basics from time to time, rather than have an already-made-up and closed mind.

  3. Patrick, can you vote for an education cutting, medicare eliminating, torture inflicting, rich rewarding Republican?

  4. Great article, thanks.

    It’s refreshing that you plan to research and think for yourself, and not just follow orders from some political or religious authority structure.

    Perhaps the truth distorting hyper-partisanship so many of us are involved in points to an inner emptiness across our culture. Whether within or without the Church, it seems we have developed a passion for controversy that must be about more than just the issues themselves.

    I’ve added this site to my feed reader and look forward to future articles.

  5. Unfortunately, for those of us looking for a presidential candidate that espouses a consistent ethic of life (seamless garment) there is no one!
    Who embraces life sustaining and life enhancing policies for all phases and all aspects of life for all people? Perhaps we need a third party truly devoted to the fullness of life!

    1. You may be right. In the meantime, we need to look at each issue and stand up for those that have no voice. So—as you pointed out—since neither candidate is fully committed to policites that protect each and every life, we will have work to do. May God bless us with grace and perseverance.

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