from Bob Cooke, PC Metro D.C.-Baltimore

Members of the Afghan Youth Peace VolunteersPax Christi has been involved with the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers (AYPV) for a number of years. Amy Watts and Peter Aloys were the main PCUSA staff involved with them over the past few years. Kathy Kelly and Voices for Creative Nonviolence have been a very important part of the AYPV’s U.S. outreach for peace in Afghanistan and around the world. Judith Kelly, of Pax Christi Metro-D.C., has also visited with Hakim and some of the AYPVs in Afghanistan. There have been a number of unsuccessful attempts to get them here for a tour in past years (but visas were not granted in Afghanistan).

As noted in the e-mail below and in the links below, Hakim (and hopefully two other members of the AYPV’s) will be part of a Caravan for Peace – Stop the Violence – 2012 Anti-Violence and Drug Mexico-U.S. Tour in August and September. (You can see more information at these links: and

As you can see from the tour itinerary, they will be in DC from Sept. 10-12 and they will be in Baltimore, NYC and a number of other cities where there are Pax Christi groups before that.

If possible, it would be good to get the word out to Pax Christi regions, local groups and members around the country and invite people to get involved in their area. 

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