By Sr. Esther Pineda, CSJ, PCUSA National Council member

I told the Lord one day,
Love is such an abstract word
We see it here, we see it there,
We see it everywhere.

We see it in the gutter; I’d love to have a drink
We see it in the street corner; love for sale, come on in
We see it in the marketplace; I love the feel of money
We even see it in negation; I’d love to, but . . .

Love is such an abstract word
We see it here, we see it there; we see it everywhere

And then I saw a distant hill
Three crosses standing on it.
Come here, come see, He said to me,
You call this abstract
As I saw him hanging on a tree!!

6 thoughts on “LENT 2012: Love is such an abstract word

  1. I appreciate this meaningful poem. It puts a human face to the crucifixion. There is nothing “abstract” about suffering. Jeanette Wasinger, csj

  2. Thanks, Sr. Esther for this poem. Love in action is the way to go, but it is not an easy way.

  3. Thanks for sharing your poetry, Esther. Yes, the face of love made visible through suffering.

  4. Sister Esther,
    Thank you for stimulating reflection on love. You begin with a popular concept of love as abstract but illustrate that it is not. Love is action/ energy; It is anything but passive. We must experience it with/ through others; it is not solitary.We must be open to receive it or it cannot be shared.

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