Just Peacemaking ModuleAnnouncing a new collaboration between JustFaith Ministries and Pax Christi USA!

Just Peacemaking Initiative: The Challenge and Promise of Nonviolence for Our Time

The challenge and promise of nonviolence is embodied and entrusted with the peacemakers of the planet.  Will you be a peacemaker?

This JustFaith Ministries JustMatters module was created as a resource for small groups to deepen their understanding and practice of peacemaking.  At the core of the module is the intentional building of relationships at every level of society, relationships that are dedicated to:

  • nonviolent transformation of conflict,
  • the pursuit of social justice, and
  • the creation of cultures of sustainable peace.

The module was coordinated by Pax Christi USA National Council member Scott Wright, with input from additional members and leaders of Pax Christi USA and JustFaith Ministries. The module explore the challenges and promises of justice-based peacemaking though a series of 12 sessions, carefully constructed to combine prayer and ritual, readings and discussion, a strong spirit of group dialog and interaction, and immersion activities based on local resources.  A special feature of the module includes four “film nights” relating to war and peacemaking.  Groups will benefit from the community building that comes from engaging in this kind of in-depth process leading to a broader engagement with people committed to just peacemaking in local communities.

The module focuses on four dimensions of just peacemaking – a spirituality of nonviolence and peacemaking, the connections between economic justice and interracial justice, the call for disarmament and reconciliation with justice, and the work of human rights and global restoration.  Participants will share personal experiences and reflections, learn from peacemakers at home and abroad, and explore issues involved with justice-based peacemaking.  Facilitator resources are specially designed so that anyone can lead or share in the facilitation of the module.

Just Peacemaking includes a focus on Catholic social teaching but is also broadly ecumenical with openness to interfaith concerns.  It asks each and every participant to reflect deeply and to act locally, or, in the words of Mahatma Gandhi: “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

From now through June 2012, Pax Christi regions and local groups who want to purchase the module will receive a $50 discount. Click here to order now!

A flyer, registration form and a module sample can be downloaded from the JustFaith Ministries website:  www.justfaith.org (click on “Programs” and then on “JustMatters modules”). Cost for the module is $150 ($100 with the discount). For additional information, contact David Horvath at david@justfaith.org.

9 thoughts on “RESOURCE: New “Just Peacemaking Initiative” for small groups from JustFaith and Pax Christi USA

    1. Hi Susan, the cost before the $50 discount is $150. That can be for a group of any size, so for a group of 5, it comes out to $20/person after the discount, a group of 10 would be $10/person, etc…

    1. Hi Sheila, $150 covers the entire module, all 12 sessions, no matter the number of people who are in your group. You would get a $50 discount if you do it sine y’all are a region/local group.

  1. What if we would like to use it more than once? Is that just the one $150 (or $100) cost? And please tell me, are there any books, or are the readings all from articles, etc., that you might have available to us on the internet? I presume we buy the films, correct?

  2. Maris Stella,
    Is it possible to get a copy of the module? How expensive is it? I think it
    would be good for our group to use it if it is not too costly.

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