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ON THE LINE: August 2014 edition includes Ambassadors in action, new organizer in MI, and more!

Compiled by Johnny Zokovitch

Each month, “On The Line” features news items and announcements from around the nation featuring Pax Christi members, local groups, regions and partners. 

PAX CHRISTI USA AMBASSADOR OF PEACE JOSEPH FAHEY HELPS LEAD CD ACTION ON JOBS: On July 29th hundreds of low-wage federal contract workers from landmark federal buildings in our nation’s capital walked off their jobs saying the President’s recent $10.10 Executive Order is not enough to afford the American Dream. This is the 9th strike in the past year by low-wage federal contract workers at federal buildings like Union Station, the Pentagon, Smithsonian Museums, The National Zoo and the Ronald Reagan Building. In a dramatic escalation, the workers and national faith leaders, including Pax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace Joseph Fahey, engaged in civil disobedience in the street in front of Union Station by holding an “Interfaith Breaking of the Bread” ceremony… Read more coverage of the action at http://goodjobsnation.org/when-workers-fight/

PCUSA Ambassador of Peace Joseph Fahey (far left) participates in a "breaking bread" civil disobedience action in support of striking workers in D.C. (photo by Jean Stokan)

PCUSA Ambassador of Peace Joseph Fahey (far left)  co-leads a “breaking bread” civil disobedience action in support of striking workers in D.C. (photo by Jean Stokan)

PAX CHRISTI LOCAL GROUPS PARTICIPATING IN CAMPAIGN NONVIOLENCE: Pax Christi USA is an endorser of Campaign Nonviolence, and many of our local groups are planning to take part in the campaign’s week of actions between September 21-27. For example, Pax Christi Memphis members have been involved in planning for the week of actions in their area, including a retreat with Rev. Charles McCarthy, a Community Forum on Gun Violence, and a children’s poster contest. To get involved in your area, go to http://paceebene.org/programs/campaign-nonviolence/ for more information.

WELCOME ALISON ZACHARIAS, NEW STATE ORGANIZER FOR PC MICHIGAN: Alison Zacharias is the new State Organizer for Pax Christi Michigan. She is very committed to the spirituality of nonviolence and passionate about Pax Christi’s Prayer/Study/Action model. She is from Canton, Michigan, and graduated in 2013 from Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, with a degree in English. While at Michigan State, Alison completed an internship with Meta Peace Team, an international nonprofit peace and justice organization that seeks to pursue peace through active nonviolence and create an alternative to militarism through empowered peacemaking, where one of her primary efforts was partaking in the campaign for the closure of the Guantánamo Bay prison. Alison loves to read and write, draw and paint, travel, spend time with her cat and dogs, and is working on expanding her vegetarian cooking skills. Welcome Alison!

PCUSA AMBASSADORS OF PEACE HOSTING FUNDRAISER FOR FILM ABOUT BISHOP GUMBLETON: Bill and Mary Carry, Pax Christi USA Ambassadors of Peace from Michigan, will be hosting a fundraising party on Sunday, September 14th in support of the film “American Prophet,” which depicts the life and ministry of PCUSA Teacher of Peace Bishop Tom Gumbleton. The fundraiser includes meeting Jasmine Rivera, an award-winning director, producer and screen writer from the Detroit area. For more detailed information about the film and its production, you can visit www.americanprophetfilm.com.  Donations from those who cannot attend the event can be made out to Fractured Atlas, and sent to the Carry’s at 2375 Avondale W, Sylvan Lake, MI 48320.

PC FARGO/MOORHEAD (ND) MEMBERS PARTICIPATE IN INTERFAITH PEACE GATHERING: Ellen Mahli and Cathy Schwinden of Pax Christi Fargo/Moorhead were featured in a newspaper article covering an interfaith prayer vigil for peace in the Middle East. They read excerpts from the Pax Christi statement on violence in the Middle East and used former National Council member Fr. Jim Hug’s prayer (featured on the PCUSA website), as well as a quote from Pope Francis. You can read more at http://www.inforum.com/content/muslims-jews-other-faiths-gather-pray-peace.

Interfaith Vigil for Peace in the Middle East held in Fargo, ND. (photo courtesy of Cathy Schwinden)

Interfaith Prayer Vigil for Peace in the Middle East held in July in Fargo, ND. (photo courtesy of Cathy Schwinden, PC-Fargo/Moorhead)

PC INDIANAPOLIS MEMBER PARTICIPATES IN DELEGATION ON IMMIGRATION TO GERMANY: Last month, a delegation of 14 Americans, including Pax Christi Indianapolis member Terri Morris Downs, traveled to Germany to participate in the American Council on Germany’s 2014 Study Tour on Immigration Policy. The purpose of the Study Tour is for participants to better understand the European perspective and to acquire an understanding of the ways in which German society is adapting to the inevitable changes brought about by immigration. Participants had an opportunity to engage with Germans from the public and private sectors and to share ideas about best practices. They met with government officials, political leaders, business people, academics, journalists, and non-governmental organizations. Here are the Study Tour participants at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Pax Christi Indianapolis member Terri Morris Downs in Berlin (photo courtesy of Val Fillenwarth)

PC Indianapolis member Terri Morris Downs in Berlin (w/ group). Terri is the Director of the Indianapolis Immigrant Welcome Center. (photo courtesy of Val Fillenwarth)

PCUSA REGIONAL LEADERS GATHER IN WASHINGTON, D.C.: Pax Christi USA hosted a leadership summit during the weekend of June 27-29 to coincide with its annual Momentum event. It is the first time in several years that Pax Christi USA has gathered together its regional coordinators, the Pax Christi Anti-Racism Team, the National Council and the National Staff. Nearly 50 leaders attended. The summit began with sessions specially designed for various groups present at the summit. Friday afternoon included a large group gathering for reflection, discussion and small group work. The evening event was Momentum 2014, featuring presentations by the 2013 Teacher of Peace Mary Meg McCarthy, Sr. Simone Campbell of NETWORK, and Ivone Guillen of Sojourners on immigration reform… To read more, go to: http://paxchristiusa.org/2014/06/28/news-pax-christi-usa-hosts-leadership-summit-in-washington-d-c/

Pax Christi USA Regional Leaders

Pax Christi USA Regional Leaders

PC SPRINGFIELD (IL) MEMBER WRITES EDITORIAL ON CHILDREN AT THE BORDER: Former National Council member and PC Springfield (IL) member, Diane Lopez Hughes, published the following column on the children at the border in the Springfield newspaper. “In light of the current humanitarian crisis at our borders, each of us would do well to think like a parent. Fleeing from hunger and violence in their home countries, we can only imagine how frightened the children must be, leaving behind everything they know to make the harsh and dangerous journey across Mexico to the U.S. border. Imagine the terrifying conditions that must necessitate parents sending their children into life-threatening circumstances for the possibility of safety, security and a better future. How demoralizing it must be for some of the parents not to have the resources to feed their children or insure their safety…” Read the entire column at http://www.sj-r.com/article/20140725/OPINION/140729670?sect=Columns&map=2012

Upcoming or Ongoing Events:

Sept. 20 – South Dakota Pax Christi Peace Conference, “Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery,” with Sr. Ruthmary Powers, HM and Sr. Josie Chrosniak, HM in Watertown, SD; http://www.presentationsisters.org/events/event/south-dakota-pax-christi-peace-conference/

Sept. 21 – International Day of Peace, http://www.un.org/en/events/peaceday/

Sept. 21-27 – Campaign Nonviolence week of actions, http://paceebene.org/programs/campaign-nonviolence/

Oct. 4 – Global Day of Action Against the Use of Drones for Killing and Surveillance, http://globaldayofaction.nationbuilder.com/

Oct. 4-11 – Keep Space for Peace week, http://www.space4peace.org/

Oct. 25-26 – Pax Christi Florida’s State Assembly calling for an end to the death penalty, Tallahassee; http://paxchristiflorida.org/

Nov. 1 – Pax Christi Massachusetts’ state assembly with Rev. Sam Smith at Holy Cross College on “The Militarization of Our Youth and the ‘I Will Not Kill’ Campaign”; http://paxchristima.org/


Blue Water (MI) Pax Christi hosted an August 6th prayer vigil in commemoration of all those who have died in war on the 69th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki … PC New Mexico member Bud Ryan and PCUSA Ambassador of Peace John Dear were on Santa Fe radio discussing nuclear disarmament and their annual vigil at Los Alamos … Pax Christi Michigan co-sponsored and participated in “On the Road to Ground the Drones,” an anti-drone demonstration and walk that took place from June 3-14, starting in Chicago and ending in Battle Creek, Michigan. You can see pictures from the event here … Check out Pax Christi El Paso’s websitePax Christi Fargo/Moorhead is hosting this exhibit on “Boycott and Economic Activism” this fall and think that other groups might be interested too … Read this column on women religious from Pax Christi USA Teachers of Peace Joan Chittiser, osb and Mary Lou Kownacki, osbPax Christi Southwest Florida coordinator Dave Montrose had a piece published in the local paper on the situation in Gaza … Pax Christi Long Island (NY) member Jacqueline Jill Rito wrote a moving open letter related to mothers and the violence in Gaza … Pax Christi International’s August 2014 newsletter is online … See more local and regional updates in the Summer 2014 edition of The Peace Current

ON THE LINE: January 2014 edition highlights local group and regional events

Compiled by Johnny Zokovitch

Each month, “On The Line” features news items and announcements from around the nation featuring Pax Christi members, local groups, regions and partners. These are gleaned from articles in local newspapers, websites, magazines, and elsewhere.

PC MICHIGAN HOSTS RETREAT FOCUSING ON WATER: (by Carol Jachim) As Pax Christi people we stand for peace and nonviolence. Simplistically, against war and weapons. Yet, there are different levels of violence, besides the use and manufacture of guns and other weapons to denounce, that perhaps one hasn’t thought about. Pollution is one form of violence and the damage it does to our earth’s waters – lakes, oceans, streams, rivers, etc., besides the water used for drinking, bathing and  recreation. The 19th Annual Pax Christi Michigan Retreat focused on refreshing oneself … and that we did with the presence of wonderful people who truly care about each other, about promoting peace and nonviolence, and demonstrating a commitment to nonviolent ways in our lives… Read more at http://paxchristiusa.org/2014/01/10/regional-event-pc-michigans-fall-2013-retreat-water-as-a-source-of-life/

PC Michigan members gather for their annual retreat this past fall.

PC Michigan members gather for their annual retreat this past fall.

SUPPORT THE TRANSFORM NOW PLOWSHARES: (from John Amidon) You can make a huge difference in the lives of three innocent people by signing a petition. Sr. Megan Rice, Michael Walli (PC Metro DC-Baltimore’s Peacemaker of the Year) and Greg Boertje-Obed are facing up to 30 years in prison  for a nonviolent protest of  Y-12, a nuclear facility in Oak Ridge TN. They were working to rid the world of nuclear weapons, something we must do if we want our children to have a future. If you oppose nuclear weapons and if you dislike the idea of innocent people in prison please sign this petition. Sign the petition before the January 28th sentencing date at http://act.rootsaction.org/p/dia/action3/common/public/index?action_KEY=9007&start=25

Police seek to remove a protester at the Elizabeth (NJ) Detention Center. Protesters, including Diana Mejia--who was arrested for civil disobedience--and other PC New Jersey members, were advocating for the rights of immigrants

Police seek to remove a protester at the Elizabeth (NJ) Detention Center. Protesters, including Diana Mejia–who was arrested for civil disobedience–and other PC New Jersey members, were advocating for the rights of immigrants.

PAX CHRISTI IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS? ONLY IN NEW YORK! (by Rosemarie Pace) It started with a phone call. Maureen Blaine, Principal of St. Leo’s Elementary School in Corona, Queens, had a question:  Was it possible to have a Pax Christi group in an elementary school? I told her honestly that I didn’t know of any, but I certainly loved the idea. With my own professional background in elementary education, I firmly believe in Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote: “If we are ever to have real peace in this world, we shall have to begin with the children.” Maureen agrees. She has the same quote posted in her office. Thus began Pax Christi at St. Leo’s Elementary School… To read this whole article in the Winter 2014 edition of Kerux, go to http://www.nypaxchristi.org/Documents/KeruxWinter2014.pdf

NOMINATIONS FOR PCUSA NATIONAL COUNCIL BEING SOUGHT: Pax Christi USA has begun the nominating procedures for this year’s National Council elections. If you would like to nominate someone as a candidate for the election to Pax Christi USA’s National Council, you can download and fill out the form located on the website. Forms must be postmarked by March 1, 2014. For more info, go to http://paxchristiusa.org/2014/01/14/national-council-nominations-now-being-sought-for-pax-christi-usa-national-council-elections-4/

PCUSA AMBASSADOR OF PEACE JOHN DEAR LEAVES THE JESUITS: (from the Santa Fe New Mexican) John Dear, a peace activist and Jesuit priest who led peaceful protests at Los Alamos commemorating the anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, for many years and served as pastor at a number of Northern New Mexico parishes in the early 2000s, was dismissed from the religious order last month for being “obstinately disobedient.” In his National Catholic Reporter column, posted to his website Tuesday, Dear wrote, “This week, with a heavy heart, I am officially leaving the Jesuits after 32 years. After three years of discernment, I’m leaving because the Society of Jesus in the U.S. has changed so much since I entered in 1982 and because my Jesuit superiors have tried so hard over the decades to stop my work for peace.”… Read more at http://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/jesuits-dismiss-peace-activist-known-for-demonstrating-at-lanl/article_9a0b4a95-13fc-5767-be34-b27fe62ee26a.html. Read John’s column in NCR at http://ncronline.org/blogs/road-peace/leaving-jesuits-after-32-years

PC New Mexico's Hiroshima Day Action

PCUSA Ambassador of Peace John Dear (center) leads members of PC New Mexico at their annual Sackcloth and Ashes Vigil outside Los Alamos National Laboratories.

PC ILLINOIS PARTICIPATES IN WORLD DAY OF PEACE INTERFAITH SERVICE: (by Tom Cordaro) The ninth annual World Peace Day Interfaith Prayer Service took place on Wednesday, January 1st in Naperville. This annual tradition was initiated by Pax Christi Illinois. This year’s theme was “Embracing Differences in Our Changing Community.” The service included participation from Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Baha’i, Hindu and Sikh communities as well as Unitarian Universalists, Christian Scientists and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. “We hope that by our coming together in the cause of peace, mutual respect and in celebration of our rich diversity we can build a stronger sense of community in Naperville and DuPage County,” organizer Tom Cordaro stated. He went on to say, “Every year we get more faith communities participating in this event. It shows that most people believe religious diversity is an asset in our community that makes us stronger and vibrant.”

Upcoming or Ongoing Events:

January 1-31 – January is Poverty Awareness Month, http://www.usccb.org/about/catholic-campaign-for-human-development/povertyusa/upload/poverty-awareness-month-calendar.pdf

January 18 – PC Memphis Day of Discernment, 9am to 3pm at the University of Memphis Catholic Center on Mynders Ave.; contact Terry Hash at terez58@aol.com or 849-0983 or Janice Vanderhaar at gvanderh@earthlink.net or 362-9364 for additional information or to register

January 26 – Peacemaking through the Arts: “Luke Live!” with PC-Metro New York Board member,  Fr. James DiLuzio, CSP. “Luke Live!” is a dramatic proclamation of the Gospel of Luke interspersed with Song Meditations, highlighting the peace and justice components in Luke’s Gospel. At St. Joseph’s Greenwich Village Church from 2:30 to 4:30pm.

February 28-March 2 – PC Metro New York’s Annual Retreat with Sr. Kathleen Deignan, CND at the St. Joseph’s Renewal Center in Brentwood, Long Island; http://www.nypaxchristi.org/events.html

March 1 – PCUSA National Council election nominations due, http://paxchristiusa.org/2014/01/14/national-council-nominations-now-being-sought-for-pax-christi-usa-national-council-elections-4/

March 5 – Ash Wednesday

March 5 – Ash Wednesday leafleting with PC Metro New York from 12-1pm at St. Patrick’s Cathedral; http://www.nypaxchristi.org/events.html

March 29 – PC Michigan State Conference, “Christian Nonviolence: The Great Failure, the Only Hope,” with Fr. Charles Emmanuel McCarthy; at Cristo Rey Parish, Lansing, MI, http://www.paxchristimi.org/#!pcm-2014-annual-conference/c6oh

March 29-30 – PC Florida Annual Retreat, “Nonviolent Resistance” with Jim Douglass, at Dayspring Episcopal Conference Center in Ellenton, FL; http://paxchristiflorida.org/events/

April 14-18 – Holy Week Pilgrimage with the Norfolk Catholic Worker and Hampton Roads Pax Christi that will stop at 14 area military bases in the Hampton Roads, VA area, the most militarized place on the planet; contact Steve at williamsbaggarly@gmail.com for more info


Check out the YouTube video of the protest at the Elizabeth Detention Center in which PC New Jersey members participated, including Diana Mejia, who was arrested … PC Texas leader David Atwood recently had a new book published, “My Search for the Beloved Community”PC Indianapolis meets every third Sunday at 7pm at Marian University in St. Francis Hall, room #163 … For the MLK Holiday, check out PCUSA’s Peacemaker Booklet on MLKThomas Cleary, a former priest who was active with Pax Christi Richmond and a passionate advocate for peace and justice, passed away late in 2013 … Members of PC South Dakota had a letter to the editor against the death penalty published in their local paper … Follow Blue Water (MI) PC leader Mike McCarthy’s blog, Pax VobiscumPax Christi International’s January 2014 newsletter is online … See more local and regional updates in the Fall 2013 edition of The Peace Current

ON THE LINE: November edition features retreats, trials, vigils and more!

Compiled by Johnny Zokovitch

Each month, “On The Line” features news items and announcements from around the nation featuring Pax Christi members, local groups, regions and partners. These are gleaned from articles in local newspapers, websites, magazines, and elsewhere.

PAX CHRISTI MICHIGAN HOLDS 19TH ANNUAL STATE RETREAT: (by Carol Jachim) “As Pax Christi people we stand for peace and nonviolence. Simplistically, against war and weapons. Yet, there are different levels of violence besides use and manufacture of guns and other weapons to denounce, that perhaps one hasn’t thought about. Pollution is one form of violence and the damage it does to our earth’s waters – lakes, oceans, streams, rivers, etc., besides the water used for drinking, bathing and  recreation. The 19th Annual PC-Michigan Retreat focused on refreshing oneself … and that we did with the presence of wonderful people who truly care about each other, about promoting peace and nonviolence, and demonstrating a commitment to nonviolent ways in our lives.”… Read more at http://paxchristimi.wordpress.com/2013/11/04/19th-annual-pax-christi-michigan-retreat-october-18-20-2013/

Pax Christi Tallahassee members gather in front of the Florida Governor’s mansion to pray during an execution.

Pax Christi Tallahassee (FL) members gather in front of the Florida Governor’s mansion to pray during an execution.

PAX CHRISTI MASSACHUSETTS WRITES CARDINAL ABOUT MILITARY ARCHDIOCESE COLLECTION: “We, as members of Pax Christi MA, are writing to you today because of the distress we feel after hearing of the ‘Collection for the Archdiocese for the Military Services’ scheduled this coming weekend, prior to Veterans Day. Our understanding is that the Boston Archdiocese will not participate in this initial collection, and for that we are grateful. We hope that it indicates a desire to reflect on the implications of such an endeavor. However, the greater issue beyond this particular collection concerns what appears to be the militarization of the Catholic Christian conscience through the oxymoronic conflation of Christian and nationalistic values. Beginning with the poster intended to promote the collection, of young men in battle dress gathered in front of the Eucharistic table presided over by a military chaplain, we are led to believe that there is no inherent contradiction between the celebration of the Eucharist and what these young people may be called on to do, perhaps only minutes after the completion of the mass. (Note that a helicopter hovers nearby, suggesting urgency).”… For a copy of the entire letter, contact Pat Ferrone at patferrone@rcn.com.

Pax Christi International Co-President meets with Pope Francis in October at the Vatican.

Pax Christi International Co-President Marie Dennis meets with Pope Francis in October at the Vatican.

PAX CHRISTI MAINE ASKS POST TO RENOUNCE THE DOCTRINE OF DISCOVERY: (From the Bangor Daily News) “Pax Christi Maine on Sunday passed a resolution urging the group’s national and international organization to call on Pope Francis to renounce the Doctrine of Discovery. Last year, the World Council of Churches endorsed a similar resolution that began with the Episcopal Diocese of Maine. In March, the Onondaga Nation called on the pope to renounce the doctrine. The Doctrine of Discovery was used to justify the subjugation of aboriginal people in the Americas and the dispossession of their lands by European sovereigns all over the world, Marilyn Roper, a member of the Houlton chapter of Pax Christi, said Thursday. Pax Christi Maine ‘renounces the Doctrine of Discovery formulated in the papal bulls of the 15th century which legitimized the subjugation by Christian, European monarchs of indigenous peoples in North American and other parts of the glove, and the usurpation of their lands on the basis of their being non-Christian and ‘barbarous.’”… Read more at http://bangordailynews.com/2013/10/31/religion/pax-christi-maine-asks-pope-francis-to-renounces-doctrine-of-discovery/

Blue Water Pax Christi will be putting up this billboard for the Christmas season. If you’re interested in doing the same in your community and want to know how, contact Michael McCarthy at mccpax@comcast.net.

Blue Water Pax Christi (MI) will be putting up this billboard for the Christmas season. If you’re interested in doing the same in your community and want to know how, contact Michael McCarthy at mccpax@comcast.net.

PAX CHRISTI PHOENIX (AZ) WITNESSES FOR ABOLITION OF DEATH PENALTY: (From Margaret McChesney) “Arizonans allowed the State to execute two men in the month of October. On the 9th, Edward Schad was killed for the murder of Lorimar Groves in 1978. Mr. Schad, 71 at the time of his death, was the oldest person on Arizona’s Death Row and its 2nd longest resident, having spent 33 years awaiting death. On October 23rd, Robert Jones was killed for the murder of 6 persons, which occurred during two different robberies in the summer of 1996. Pax Christi-Phoenix members attend the Clemency Hearing for each person scheduled for execution. A vigil is held on the eve of each execution where prayers are offered for the victims and their loved ones, the person accused of the crime and their family/friends, and for all participants in the execution process (attorneys, judges, juries, clemency boards, wardens, guards, clinicians). On the day and time of execution, members witness for abolition of the death penalty at the entrance to the prison. Those members, and other people from the community, who cannot make it to Florence, pause to offer their prayers in unity with all concerned on the morning of the execution. In December, PC-Phoenix will partner with the Franciscan Renewal Center in showing the film ‘Unlikely Friends: Total Strangers, Brutal Crimes’ – which documents victims of brutal crimes who, through forgiveness, unexpectedly become friends with their perpetrators (see:  http://www.chancefilmsinc.com/our-films/unlikely-friends). PC-Phoenix meets monthly at the Franciscan Renewal Center.” For more information, please contact Margaret McChesney, marventura1@aol.com.

PC-Phoenix members in front of the State Capitol during an execution.

PC-Phoenix members in front of the State Capitol during an execution.

GROUND THE DRONES DEFENDANTS FOUND NOT GUILTY! (from Waging Nonviolence) “A crowd of over 50 people in New York’s DeWitt Town Court broke out into cheers at 10 p.m. yesterday when Judge Robert Jokl issued a not guilty verdict for five members of the Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars. The five pro se defendants — including Ellen Grady, Bill Streit (PCUSA member), Carmen Trotta, Fr. Bill Pickard (PCUSA member) and Linda Latendre — were on trial for disorderly conduct, stemming from a symbolic blockade of the National Guard 174th Attack Wing at Hancock Airfield in Syracuse, N.Y., earlier this year. The defendants’ action took place on February 13, 2013 — Ash Wednesday — when together they stood in the driveway to the air base holding signs that described drone activities and the murdering of children around the globe. During the action, Latendre read a statement that said, ‘We come to Hancock Airfield this Ash Wednesday to repent for the actions of our government and to ask God’s forgiveness and the forgiveness of the people we daily terrorize with these drones.’” Read more at http://wagingnonviolence.org/2013/10/ground-drones-members-found-guilty/

Upcoming or Ongoing Events:    

Nov. 17 – United Prayers for World Peace, with Pax Christi Memphis, 4-6pm, Memphis, TN. Contact Janice Vanderahaar at gvanderh@earthlink.net for more info.

Nov. 17 – Pax Christi Metro DC-Baltimore’s Peacemaker of the Year Mass and Award Dinner, honoring Michael Walli with former PCUSA Executive Director Dave Robinson as keynote speaker. For more information: http://www.paxchristimetrodc.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/2013-poy-flyer.pdf

Nov. 23 – A Faithful Budget: Creating a Federal Budget that puts “the least of these” first, 1:30 pm at First United Church of Oak Park, 848 Lake Street, 60301. Co-sponsored by Pax Christi Illinois. For more information, contact Nancy Oetter at 630-904-3859 or nloetter@comcast.net.  


Tiffin Area Pax Christi (OH) sponsored a talk by PCUSA Teacher of Peace Kathy KellyPax Christi Southeastern South Dakota held a “Take Back the Site” vigil following the death of Minnesota Viking’s star Adrian Peterson’s son in October … Pax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace Tom Cordaro writes on “The Lord Hears the Cry of the Poor”Pax Christi Caspar (WY) hosts a monthly film series, “Matters in Question” … Read Pax Christi Pacific NW member Fr. Bill Bichsel SJ’s article on his trip to Jeju Island … Pax Christi Santa Fe member Bud Ryan had a comment published on the NY Times website this past summer … Pax Christi International’s November 2013 newsletter is online … See more local and regional updates in the Summer 2013 edition of The Peace Current

ON THE LINE: July edition features PCM state conference, anti-drone sign-on ad, young adult voices & more

Compiled by Johnny Zokovitch

Each month, “On The Line” features news items and announcements from around the nation featuring Pax Christi members, local groups, regions and partners. These are gleaned from articles in local newspapers, websites, magazines, and elsewhere.

PAX CHRISTI MICHIGAN CELEBRATES THE PROPHETIC LEADERSHIP OF WOMEN: (by Joan Tirak, PCM Coordinator) “What a great way to celebrate our hard-working, self-giving, dedicated women!  Some 225 participants enthusiastically gathered on April 20, 2013 for Pax Christi Michigan’s 32nd Annual State Conference in Farmington Hills. They came for many reasons, but the primary draw was the theme ‘Prophetic Leadership of Women: Justice from the Margins’ along with the main speakers, Barbara Reid, OP and Elizabeth Walters, IHM. They also came to support the Leadership Conference of Women Religious whom we honored with our 22nd Annual Purple Ribbon for Peace – a tradition that PCM started in 1991 in response to Pax Christi USA’s National ­­­­­­‘We Shall Not Be Silent’ Campaign… Read more at http://paxchristiusa.org/2013/07/10/regional-news-pax-christi-michigan-celebrates-the-prophetic-leadership-of-women/

pcm conference

Pax Christi Michigan celebrated the “prophetic leadership of women” at their 32nd annual state conference this year.

PAX CHRISTI METRO DC-BALTIMORE LEADS ANTI-DRONE SIGN-ON AD EFFORT: Pax Christi Metro DC-Baltimore has been leading the effort to have the sign-on letter that the Pax Christi Anti-Drone Grassroots Task Force put together published in August in the National Catholic Reporter.  Bishop Gumbleton, Kathy Kelly and Marie Dennis are the first few “well-known” Catholics who will be signing.  If you have not signed on already, please consider joining them by signing yourself. Signatures will be taken until July 17th. For more information, visit http://paxchristiusa.org/2013/07/03/drones-sign-the-ad-to-be-published-by-pax-christi-metro-dc-baltimore/.

BLUE WATER (MI) PAX CHRISTI LEADER’S COLUMN ON THE 4TH OF JULY IN US CATHOLIC: “In 2007, facing the probability that the Iraq War was unjust, a group of Catholics in my community in Port Huron, Michigan, openly informed IRS that we would redirect hundreds of dollars from our federal taxes, donating this ‘Iraq Peace Bond’ instead to our local library. Our donation was merely a drop in the bucket of the trillions wasted in this war, but a small step in a new direction. Most of the money was eventually recovered by IRS, but the donation still helps the community and serve as an inspiration to find further methods to invest in the works of peace, not war. The spirit of the Fourth of July is one that celebrates our freedom, but it is one that often overlooks the violent revolution it took for us to achieve that independence…” To read the rest of this column by Michael McCarthy of Blue Water PC, go to http://www.uscatholic.org/blog/201307/taking-steps-toward-peace-spirit-fourth-july-27510

MEDIA COVERAGE OF THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY CONFERENCE: Pax Christi USA received quite a bit of media coverage at the 40th anniversary national conference in Atlanta in mid-June. To read the story posted in the Georgia Bulletin, the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, go to http://georgiabulletin.org/news/pax-christi-veterans-extend-baton-to-young/. To read Pat O’Neill’s story for the National Catholic Reporter, go to http://ncronline.org/news/peace-justice/pax-christi-usa-conference-illustrates-need-move-forward-while-keeping-mission. Additionally, in the fall, the Atlanta Interfaith Network plans to broadcast the talks of both Rev. Bryan Massingale and Bishop Thomas Gumbleton. We’ll provide links once they’re available. For more on the conference, visit http://paxchristiusa.org/programs/national-conference-2013/.

REPORT FROM THE PAX CHRISTI INTERNATIONAL MEETING: (by Judy Coode) From June 10-12, several Pax Christi sections gathered in Berlin, Germany for this year’s Pax Christi International (PXI) Annual General Meeting (AGM). Sections represented included Pax Christi UK, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Austria, New Zealand, Flanders, Netherlands (Pax Christi IKV), Peru and USA. Bishop Marc Stenger, bishop president of Pax Christi France, also attended. The meetings were presided over by co-presidents Bishop Kevin Dowling of South Africa and Marie Dennis of Washington, D.C., and PXI Secretary General Jose Henriquez… Read the full report at http://paxchristiusa.org/2013/06/23/pax-christi-international-report-from-the-pxi-annual-general-meeting/.

Adrienne Alexander and Patrick Cashio address participants at the National Conference on June 15.

Pax Christi Young Adults Adrienne Alexander and Patrick Cashio address participants at the National Conference on June 15.

PAX CHRISTI YOUNG ADULT MEMBER WRITES PCUSA MEMBERSHIP ON OUTREACH TO YOUNG ADULTS: (The following is a letter from Patrick Cashio who addressed participants at the National Conference on June 15 alongside former PCUSA National Council member Adrienne Alexander. Patrick is a former Pax Christi USA intern and the current director of young adult ministry at the Romero Center in Camden, New Jersey.) “I want to thank you so much for your welcoming spirit at this past year’s Pax Christi USA National Conference.  I was truly honored to be among you.  Your work over the years has led to countless social changes.  You have been on the frontlines of the “good fight” of peace and justice.  For all the experience and powerful witness that your lives bear, I can hardly do justice. I am writing this letter to give you some other resources for finding and inviting young adults into the incredible work of Pax Christi.  While Adrienne and I gave you some insight into the lives of young adults, we also wanted to follow up with ways that you can find and invite other young adults…” Read the entire letter at http://paxchristiusa.org/2013/06/24/national-conference-a-letter-to-pax-christi-usa-members-from-a-pcusa-young-adult/

Upcoming or Ongoing Events:    

August 4 – Pax Christi New Mexico’s Annual Sack Cloth & Ashes Hiroshima Commemoration Action, at Los Alamos. Contact Bud Ryan at 505-264-2838 or Ellie Voutselas at 505-474-8557 for more information.

August 5-6, 9 – Faith and Resistance Retreat in Washington, D.C. Contact Art Laffin for more info at  artlaffin@hotmail.com

August 17 – Pax Christi Metro New York’s Annual Summer Picnic in Central Park, http://www.nypaxchristi.org/events.html


Like Pax Christi Illinois’ new Facebook pagePax Christi Michigan is looking to hire a part-time coordinatorSr. Patty Chappell, SNDdeN, Executive Director of Pax Christi USA, was recently featured in the newsletter of the National Black Catholic Congress … Pax Christi Virginia has officially changed their name to the Pax Christi Bishop Sullivan Virginia Region … Pax Christi Metro New York coordinator Rosemarie Pace wrote this moving tribute to Bishop Joseph Sullivan … Pax Christi International Co-President Marie Dennis was featured in this CNS story on President Obama’s nuclear plans … Pax Christi Dallas has a new websitePax Christi Southwest FL member Dave Montrose blogs here on Pax Christi and youth … Pax Christi USA’s Teacher of Peace for 2013 is Mary Meg McCarthy … Pax Christi International’s June 2013 newsletter is online … See more local and regional updates in the Spring 2013 edition of The Peace Current

ON THE LINE: June edition features groups and members acting on gun violence, poverty, healthcare and more!

Compiled by Johnny Zokovitch

Each month, “On The Line” features news items and announcements from around the nation featuring Pax Christi members, local groups, regions and partners. These are gleaned from articles in local newspapers, websites, magazines, and elsewhere.

PAX CHRISTI LONG ISLAND MEMBERS USE ART TO LESSEN GUN VIOLENCE AMONG YOUTH: Pax Christi Long Island members have joined with other concerned people to form the InSight Campaign Against Gun Violence. One of the projects has been to work with high school and elementary school students to use art to express their feelings about guns and what has been happening around our nation. These works have been compiled into a PowerPoint presentation which is accompanied by the Sandy Hook children singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” See the presentation at http://paxchristilongisland.org/

REPORT ON THE PAX CHRISTI USA-PAX CHRISTI PORT-AU-PRINCE PARTNERSHIP: (from Manuel Padilla and Amy Watts, Haiti Project Coordinators) “One of the highest priorities we have had with the collaboration between Pax Christi USA and Pax Christi Port-au-Prince (PCPAP) is the peace education curriculum, designed for the older youth of SAKALA and with curriculum specialists Jane Cruz and Lori Baker. It has been over 2 years in the making, from raising the idea, through development, translation, and now teacher training and implementation. These last two are happening right now and we have never been more proud of SAKALA, the children, and the four peace educators who have been selected to teach this first cycle: Delto, Elio, Wenley, and Stephanie…” To read more of Manual and Amy’s report from Haiti, go to: http://paxchristiusa.org/?cat=51094

PCUSA and Pax Christi Port-au-Prince members collaborate on peace education training in Haiti.

Pax Christi USA and Pax Christi Port-au-Prince colleagues collaborate on peace education training in Haiti for the Sakala project.

BLUE WATER PAX CHRISTI MEMBER WRITES ON LOCAL POVERTY: (from the Port Huron Times Herald, by Michael McCarthy) “Is Port Huron a poverty magnet or a beacon of hope? Several recent articles complained that our fair city has become a destination point for those seeking supportive social services. Our city manager cited ‘liberal social programs in the city’ as one of the three biggest problems that plague our town. It’s implied that those who just want a low-income welfare life are encouraged to make Port Huron their home because so much is done for them here. A social worker in Sault Ste. Marie sends an alcoholic on a Port Huron-bound bus because those caught in the welfare social strata have it so good in our town. Could it be this woman had family here? What’s the rest of her story?…” Read the entire column here: http://www.thetimesherald.com/article/20130611/OPINION/306110051/Port-Huron-bears-no-shame-poor-people-s-beacon-hope?nclick_check=1

PAX CHRISTI MASSACHUSETTS COORDINATOR REVIEWS NEW BOOK ON PEACE: (by Pat Ferrone) “I have a long-standing habit of underlining, or in other ways noting, challenging or profound thoughts expressed in some of the books I read. This initiates a kind of ‘lectio divina’ in which I then reflect on the text and allow it to enhance or alter previously held ideas. Happily, Brayton Shanley’s new book, The Many Sides of Peace qualified for just such appraisal. Many underlined, notated, starred passages can be found in my copy of his book, elucidating points that hadn’t occurred to me in my years of soul-searching and peacemaking. Though my bias of friendship with the author should be noted, I insist that this beautifully rendered apologetic for an all-embracing and whole-hearted approach to living Gospel nonviolence, is a ‘must-read.’”… Read more at http://paxchristiusa.org/2013/06/11/book-review-the-many-sides-of-peace-challenges-one-to-live-gospel-nonviolence/

Jacqueline Jill Rito Since I teach italian, i teach "PACE", which students wrote at the end of this school year in a public school. In addition, BHS Student Civic board members attended a PCLI meeting on Sunday 6/9 much to their delight.   They anxiously took notes and outlined strategies in working for peace, social and economic justice as well as acceptance, diversity and understanding.  The "interfaith" board consists of Outgoing President, Amanda Arnold, new President Deena Hadhoud, vice pres.  Josett Bernberg, and treasurer Firas Akbik.  (Catholic, Muslim and Jewish faiths represented)  In the photo are also Agnes C. Kelly and Nancy Dwyer PCLI Council members.

Bethphage High School Student Civic board members attended a Pax Christi Long Island meeting earlier this month, anxiously taking notes and outlining strategies in working for peace, social and economic justice as well as acceptance, diversity and understanding. The “interfaith” board consists of Outgoing President, Amanda Arnold, new President Deena Hadhoud, Vice President Josett Bernberg, and Treasurer Firas Akbik (Catholic, Muslim and Jewish faiths represented). In the photo are also Agnes C. Kelly and Nancy Dwyer, PCLI Council members.

FORMER PAX CHRISTI-CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY LEADER BLOGS ON MEMORIAL DAY: (by Robert Shine) “Marking Memorial Day, we are meant to honor those in the military who died in war – but I perennially ask myself on this day, ‘Why?’ Warmaking is a most sinful and barbaric endeavor. Honoring people simply for fighting in war, using language of sacrifice and service, merely perpetuates the myths of militarism. Each year, Catholics are swept up in the dangerous nationalism of this day and lend their voice to the cultic remembrance of soldiers who died in war. Enough. Catholics must stop participating in Memorial Day, and start peacemaking with our lives every single day through mourning…” Read the entire blog post here: http://paxchristiusa.org/2013/05/28/reflection-replacing-memorial-day-with-true-mourning/

Pax Christi Texas members join with the Nuns on the Bus.

Pax Christi Texas members join with the Nuns on the Bus.

PAX CHRISTI METROWEST (MA) FEATURED IN ARTICLE ABOUT BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING: (from the MetroWest Daily News) “The day before the Boston Marathon, a Christian, a Muslim, and a Sikh came together to discuss violence at the Fatima Shrine in Holliston at a special event co-sponsored by the Xaverian Missionaries and Pax Christi Metrowest. Perhaps, had the perpetrators of such needless violence at the Marathon been in the audience, they might have thought twice before planting bombs. Moderated by Xaverian Father Rocco Puopolo, the panel consisted of Shaheen Akhtar of the Islamic Center of Boston, Svea Fraser, of St. John the Evangelist in Wellesley, and Sarbjit Singh Thiara of the New England Sikh Study Circle in Milford…” Read more at http://www.wickedlocal.com/southborough/news/opinions/x633481704/Mazzaglia-Community-holds-us-together#axzz2W3asLn2P

Upcoming or Ongoing Events:

May 28-June 18 – Nuns on the Bus on the Border: http://www.networklobby.org/bus

June 14-16 – Pax Christi USA National Conference in Atlanta, GA: http://paxchristiusa.org/programs/national-conference-2013/

June 27-29 – Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space conference in Sweden: http://www.space4peace.org/

July 4-7 – Fellowship of Reconciliation’s 55th Annual Northwest Regional Seabeck Conference, “Harnessing Outrage & Compassion: Awakening the Power of Nonviolence”: http://www.wwfor.org/projects/seabeck-conference-2013/


Read Ambassador of Peace Joe Fahey’s reflection on “Pacem in Terris” from Pax Christi Metro New York’s newsletter … Watch former National Council Chair Judy Coode read Sr. Dianna Ortiz’s prayer at a vigil to “close Guantanamo” in DC … Pax Christi Atlanta member Cathy Crosby is one of the founders of the Neshama Interfaith CenterPax Christi Michigan member Arny Steiber filmed a recitation of a poem he wrote at the Heartland Café in Chicago, remembering all the soldiers who have died in our misguided wars … Pax Christi El Paso’s film series recently featured “Hidden Battles,” a 2010 documentary on the psychological effects of war on soldiers … See Pax Christi USA Teacher of Peace Bishop Tom Gumbleton and Ambassador of Peace Rev. Joe Nangle, ofm in the video “What Religious Leaders Want to Tell President Obama at Easter”Pax Christi Staten Island will hold its 21st annual Dorothy Day Pilgrimage in Pleasant Plains on June 15, visiting the site where Dorothy’s cottage once stood … Pax Christi Metro DC-Baltimore Council member Eli McCarthy wrote a provocative piece on drone warfare for America magazine … Three new members were elected to the Pax Christi USA National CouncilPax Christi Manasota (FL) led a vigil at the most recent execution in Florida … Pax Christi USA is hiring for two positions … The local FOX affiliate covered the “Groceries for Guns” program which included the participation of Pax Christi members in Upstate New YorkPax Christi International’s June 2013 newsletter is online … See more local and regional updates in the Spring 2013 edition of The Peace Current

ON THE LINE: December edition features remembering Bishop Sullivan & Fr Gower, new book by Eli McCarthy, and more!

Compiled by Johnny Zokovitch

Each month, “On The Line” features news items and announcements from around the nation featuring Pax Christi members, local groups, regions and partners. These are gleaned from articles in local newspapers, websites, magazines, and elsewhere. We are publishing this edition a week later than usual. We apologize for any inconvenience in this change in schedule.

BISHOP WALTER SULLIVAN, FORMER PAX CHRISTI USA BISHOP-PRESIDENT, PASSES: Today is the funeral of Bishop Walter Sullivan, former PCUSA bishop-president from 1991 through 2003. The funeral is in Richmond. If you have not already had the opportunity, we encourage you to check out our special webpage dedicated to Bishop Sullivan. It includes reflections and comments from people who knew and loved him, an obituary, photos and more. You can see the page here: http://paxchristiusa.org/about/ambassadors-of-peace/remembering-bishop-walter-sullivan/

Rev. Jim Gower

Rev. Jim Gower of Pax Christi Maine died on Monday.

REV. JIM GOWER, EARLY PCUSA AMBASSADOR OF PEACE, PASSES AT 90: It is with great sadness that we learned from Bill Slavick that Rev. Jim Gower, long-time member of Pax Christi Maine and a true ambassador for peace for Pax Christi USA during the early years, passed away on Monday morning earlier this week. Denny Dreher, regional coordinator for Pax Christi Maine, wrote: “At approximately 1:30 a.m. today, December 17, our beloved Fr. Jim Gower died–falling gently into the arms of the loving God whom he served so joyfully and faithfully for so many years… I happened to read a letter in the Franciscan Action Network (FAN) e-mail message this morning and was struck by the realization of how Fr. Jim followed St. Francis’s lead in serving God. He had no trouble setting the goal of following Jesus… [W]e give thanks for the gift of Fr. Jim’s presence in our lives–and with our efforts as Pax Christi for so many years.” Read more about Fr. Jim at http://paxchristiusa.org/2012/12/19/obituary-rev-jim-gower-the-first-ambassador-of-peace-for-pax-christi-usa-dies/

SR. PATTY IN ARCHDIOCESE OF LOS ANGELES NEWSPAPER: The following article appeared in The Tidings, the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, following the regional dialogue sponsored by Pax Christi Southern California in November. “Sister Patty Chappell — who had been on the job as executive director of Pax Christi USA (PCUSA) for just a year — was walking between tables in the meeting room at St. Camillus Center for Spiritual Care around noon on Nov. 18. The Sister of Notre Dame de Namur was making points not only with inflections of her Southern down-home voice, but also with her waving arms and hands…” Read more of this article at http://www.the-tidings.com/index.php/news/newslocal/2935-pax-christi-leader-catholic-peace-movement-more-critical

Port Huron Billboard

This month, Blue Water PC (MI) has posted this billboard in downtown Port Huron.

FR. JOHN DEAR WRITES ABOUT PAX CHRISTI METRO DC-BALTIMORE MEMBER ELI MCCARTHY’S NEW BOOK: “A new book, Becoming Nonviolent Peacemakers: A Virtue Ethic for Catholic Social Teaching and U.S. Policy by Eli Sasaran McCarthy, proposes a new ethics of peace that takes us from the old paradigms of warfare, greed, militarism and imperialism into a new global network of nonviolent relationships through nonviolent peacemaking. McCarthy examines different approaches to nonviolent peacemaking, and recommends ‘a virtue based assessment’ using the example of Jesus, Gandhi and Abdul Ghaffar Khan, the Pakistani Muslim apostle of nonviolence. You can read more about Eli’s book here: http://ncronline.org/node/39711/. And for a YouTube video featuring Eli at Georgetown, go to http://youtu.be/aZvIOk2lv-M

PC-Austin witness

Pax Christi Austin (TX) members on the steps of St. Mary’s Cathedral following their participation in the November 30th Sant’Egidio vigil.

PAX CHRISTI PENTAGON-AREA LEADS ANTI-DRONE PROTESTS: Pax Christi Pentagon-Area (VA) has been actively working on the drone issue for the past several months. Their most recent protest was featured on PressTV. “A recent rally held by mainly Christian peace organizations in front of CIA headquarters in Virginia was to protest against the increasing usage of drones by the U.S. both abroad and in its own skies… The rally did not only focus on the domestic usage of drones, it also voiced concerns about the so-called ‘double tapping’ attacks used in countries such as Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan and Somalia, meaning that a second attack always follows the first one, targeting the rescuers trying to help the initial victims. ‘They hit them twice, it is insidious and immoral and it is shameful, it is shameful on our government for doing such a thing,’ said organizer Jack McHale.” See more coverage at http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/12/09/277107/americans-protest-drone-use/

PAX CHRISTI METRO NEW YORK HONORS STUDENT FOR WORK FOR PEACE: “David L. Maloof II, resident of Darien and a member of the Fairfield College Preparatory School Class of 2013, has been awarded the Eileen Egan Peacemaker Award from Pax Christi New York for his work in helping to create a basketball facility at a Palestinian Christian refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon. Maloof worked for several years to create a basketball court and add a ping-pong table to the refugee camp whose previous recreational facilities for teens consisted only of a dirt soccer field. He returned to the camp this past summer to run a basketball clinic for the children at the camp. Maloof also coaches wrestling for inner-city Stamford children.” Read more at http://www.darientimes.com/12409/darien-teen-awarded-peacemaker-award/

Upcoming or Ongoing Events:

Dec. 28 – Feast of the Holy Innocents: http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/122812.cfm

Jan. 1 – World Day of Peace: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Day_of_Peace

Jan. 6 – Epiphany Sunday: http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/010613.cfm

Jan. 6-12 – National Migration Week: http://www.usccb.org/about/migration-and-refugee-services/national-migration-week/index.cfm

Jan. 21 – MLK Day: http://mlkday.gov/about/serveonkingday.php

Feb. 2 – Regional Dialogue in Michigan: http://paxchristiusa.org/programs/regional-dialogues-2012-13/


Pax Christi Manteca (CA) was featured in the news for a talk they sponsored on climate change … Pax Christi USA welcomes our newest group, Aquinas High School Peace and Justice Club in La Crosse, WI … Pax Christi Metro New York released this statement following the violence in Newtown, CT last week … Pax Christi Twin Cities (MN) member Steve Clemens was named an honorary award recipient by the Hawkinson Foundation for Peace and Justice. You can see his remarks from the ceremony on YouTubePax Christi Massachusetts has started a new forum for students and young adults. Contact Brian at brianashmankas@yahoo.com if you want to connect … A number of Pax Christi groups, from Long Island to Minneapolis and all over, are participating in the 2 Million Friends campaignPax Christi Illinois is participating in the 8th Annual World Peace Day Interfaith ServicePax Christi International was nominated for the Tipperary International Peace Award … Read the December edition of Pax Christi International’s newsletter online … Read Pax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace Shelley Douglass’s reflection in the wake of the recent election … Many thanks for the long service of Kathy O’Leary, state coordinator for Pax Christi New Jersey. Kathy is stepping down as coordinator this month … Pax Christi Metro New York was honored as a 2012 Great Nonprofit Top-Rated Award Honoree … See more local and regional updates in the fall edition of The Peace Current

ON THE LINE: April edition features Good Friday Way of the Cross stories and more

Compiled by Johnny Zokovitch

Each month, “On The Line” features news items and announcements from around the nation featuring Pax Christi members, local groups, regions and partners. These are gleaned from articles in local newspapers, websites, magazines, and elsewhere. 

PC-Metro NY Way of the Cross

Pax Christi Metro New York's Cross Banner during the Good Friday Way of the Cross

COMMONWEAL FEATURES PAX CHRISTI METRO NY STATIONS:Pax Christi Metro New York has now held a Good Friday Way of the Cross across 42nd Street and through Times Square for 30 years in a row. One of this year’s more striking meditations came from students at the Christo Rey High School in East Harlem who spoke at the fifth station – Simon of Cyrene is forced to help carry the cross — about bullying. ‘Like Simon, we are called to help carry the cross of those who are bullied,’ as one student said. But as the students pointed out, bullying is too often condoned by inaction – and then those who condone it are surprised when the victim does not want to become a Facebook ‘friend.’ Read the entire post here: http://www.commonwealmagazine.org/blog/?p=18345

MOHAWK VALLEY PAX CHRISTI STATIONS FEATURED ON YNN: “The Good Friday tradition of the Outdoor Living Stations of the Cross continued in Utica. The walk, organized by the group Mohawk Valley Pax Christi, included 15 stops at various charities, churches and social organizations as community members wound their way through the city. At each stop, they read a Bible passage about Jesus’ journey to the cross. Then different members delivered short sermons of how the lesson applies to modern issues. ‘There will be 15 stops along the way, and we always end in a circle of hope because we believe we have to have courage and hope to continue this important work,’ said organizer Jane Domingue.” Click here to see video of the stations: http://centralny.ynn.com/content/all_news/579685/outdoor-living-stations-of-the-cross-in-utica/

STATE JOURNAL REGISTER HIGHLIGHTS PC-SPRINGFIELD (IL) STATIONS: “Since 1984, a Springfield group has used Good Friday as an occasion to call attention to injustices in our society, and this year was no different. ‘We’re not going to change the world today,’ said Diane Lopez Hughes of Pax Christi Springfield, one of the organizers of the Way of the Cross. ‘But Good Friday is an important time to remember how our faith often calls us to speak for peace and justice. Our greatest example of that is the life and death of Christ,’ she said.” Read the entire article here: http://www.sj-r.com/top-stories/x1607842335/Good-Friday-walk-calls-attention-to-injustice

PAX CHRISTI GREENSBURG (PA) CO-SPONSORS DRONE TOUR: Government Security News’ website featured an article on the Know Drones Tour, co-sponsored by PC-Greensburg (PA): “As the Federal Aviation Administration takes initial steps to authorize the use of unmanned drones in U.S. airspace for surveillance, law enforcement and commercial purposes, opposition to such uses of drones is beginning to take shape. The 2012 Know Drones Tour, a public education campaign focusing on legal, ethical and civil liberties concerns raised by the surge in drone warfare and drone surveillance, will begin in Brooklyn, NY, on April 12, with sidewalk displays of large-scale replicas of the MQ-9 Reaper drone, the workhorse of drone warfare, say tour organizers.” Read more here: http://www.gsnmagazine.com/node/26052?c=video_surveillance_cctv

A LETTER FROM FR. JACK MORRIS, SJ, WHO HELPED START PAX CHRISTI IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST: The following was excerpted from a letter passed on to us from PCUSA National Council member Nick Mele: “Several weeks ago, I was told that I may have only a week to live, and the word went out. I did have a close call because of internal bleeding from an unknown source. I had four transfusions and when stable returned to my Jesuit residence in Portland. I would like to thank all of those who also gave transfusions of prayer and hope at the time I knew nothing of the gravity of my condition … The letters and cards you sent have been read to me and are appreciated, but I am no longer able to keep up with correspondence…”

PC Southeastern South Dakota

Members of PC Southeastern South Dakota march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

PAX CHRISTI LOS ANGELES LEADS ANTI-DEATH PENALTY DEMONSTRATION:  The following excerpts are from a story that appeared in the Catholic Sentinel by Mary Hotchkiss: “The Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, better known as the LA Congress, is attended by Catholics from around the world… The Anaheim Convention Center is filled with up to 40,000 enthusiastic Catholics who come to attend inspiring liturgies and learn from well-known Catholic educators, including Sr. Helen Prejean…  On Saturday of the Congress, a lunch time demonstration against the death penalty was held on a grassy knoll in front of the Convention Center. It was organized by Pax Christi Los Angeles, the Catholic Peace Movement, the Catholic Mobilizing Network, Catholic Legislative Network (check), and Amnesty International. Several hundred people gathered around the speakers and Sr. Helen Prejean. Sr. Helen urged us to remember that Jesus was a victim of the Death Penalty…”

Members of PC-Los Angeles march with Dead Man Walking author Sr. Helen Prejean.

PC-ST. CLOUD (MN) SPONSORS TALK BY MEL DUNCAN OF NONVIOLENT PEACEFORCE: “The founding Executive Director of the Nonviolent Peaceforce, Mel Duncan, spoke at the Public Library on April  3rd. Sponsored by Pax Christi St. Cloud, Duncan described the work of the Peaceforce, begun in 2002 with peace advocate David Hartsough and which has its base in Brussels.  Countries where NP teams have contributed to peacebuilding or are doing so now are Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Gautemala, South Caucasus, Kyrgyzstan and South Sudan. In 2007 NP received Special Consultative Status to the UN’s Economic and Social Council. That same year the Fellowship of Reconciliation gave Duncan its Pfeffer International Peace Prize, and the Utne reader named him one of ‘50 Visionaries who are Changing your World’ in 2008.”


A billboard sponsored by PC-St. Cloud (MN) and Vets for Peace.

Upcoming Events:

  • PC-Richmond (VA) will host a “Spring Day of Reflection: Exploring Relationships with Earth and Ourselves” with the Thomas Berry Educational Center, on April 14. Contact Ginnie Morrow at ginnie.morrow@yahoo.com.
  • PC-Florida will host their Spring Retreat in Parrish, FL on April 14 and 15. Retreat leader is Sr. Paula Gonzalez. For more info, click here.
  • PC-Michigan’s 31st annual state conference, “Power: Who Lies? Who Dies? Who Pays? Who Profits?” will be April 21 at St. Anastasia Church in Troy, MI. Pax Christi Ambassador of Peace Tom Cordaro and PCUSA Executive Director Sr. Patty Chappell are featured speakers. For more info, click here.
  • PC-Spokane (WA) is sponsoring “Imagining a New Vision for American Prosperity and Security” with Capt. Wayne Porter at Gonzaga University on April 21. For more info contact Scott Cooper at scooper@ccspokane.org
  • PC-Arizona will be holding the first Regional Dialog with members of PCUSA national leadership on May 12 at the Phoenix Archdiocesan Pastoral Center. Contact Margaret Wolford for more information at wolford2102@centurylink.net


Bradenton.com featured photos of PC-Manasota (FL)’s Stations of the Cross … Pax Christi Harrisburg held its 13th annual Stations of the CrossPittsburgh-area Pax Christi hosted its 17th annual Way of the Cross/Way of CompassionPax Christi Indianapolis has a new websitePax Christi Southern California and Los Angeles co-sponsored the march and gathering called “Replace the Death Penalty with Life: Support SAFE California”Pax Christi Florida council member Jim Rucquoi participated with other PCF members in a march in Sanford, FL for justice for Trayvon Martin. Jim took video of the march which took place on March 26 … Read Pax Christi International’s April newsletterPax Christi Texas honored Sarwat Husain, vice chair of the National Council on American Islamic Relations as their Peacemaker of the YearBlue Water PC’s Michael McCarthy was published in the IPS journal Other WordsPC-Genesee County (NY) featured the War Orphan program at their recent Pasta for Peace dinner … JustFaith Ministries in collaboration with Pax Christi USA just released a special 12 session module for small groups on “Just Peacemaking.” There is a special discount for Pax Christi local groups wanting to purchase the module … Three plays written by playwright and Pax Christi member, Jack Gilroy, are now available as downloads for performance by churches, local groups, schools, etc. on the PCUSA website … PCUSA is seeking an Associate Director of Development

  • Send your news items, announcements, photos and links to stories about Pax Christi groups or members to johnnypcusa@yahoo.com.